Welcome to Lori Noyes Fundraising Page

Why I am Taking Action

As most of you know, my transplanted kidney failed and I started dialysis again in February. I lost my position at work in May.  My health insurance premiums are nearly $975/month and you all know I'm not a cheap date when it comes to healthcare!  I am very grateful to AKF in assisting with my premiums andI want to give back.  Please help me and the AMERICAN KIDNEY FUND.

Join Team Kirbydog in Taking Action

Last year, the American Kidney Fund provided assistance to 1 out of every 5 dialysis patients. This year, Virtual Walk participants are raising money and awareness for those living with kidney disease. You can join me in the fight against kidney disease by walking with me and/or supporting my personal fundraising efforts. Your contribution, whether it is $20 or $2,000, will help fund the programs that provide financial assistance to people living with kidney disease.