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My Mother's Story:


Back in May of 2006, my mother's kidneys failed after undergoing surgery to have her gallbladder removed.  They did regain partial function, but doctors kept a very close eye on them seeing as how my mother was diabetic which is a risk factor for kidney disease.  She would often have trouble walking and catching her breath because of the fluid buildup in her body due to bad kidneys, but she was not at the point of going on dialysis.  In October 2012 during a sorority ceremony, my mother found herself having trouble breathing and began bringing up mucus.  After being rushed to the hospital for what was thought to be a heart attack, it was discovered that her kidneys had finally reached the point of failure and she would finally need to be placed on dialysis.  I am happy to say that after a very long, hard and emotional year and 4 months, my mother is doing very well considering the circumstances.  Her body has become acclimated with the dialysis, and her quality of life has improved tremendously.  All days are not good days, but by the grace and mercy of God she is still here!  Everything that has led up to this point makes me an advocate for diabetes and kidney disease prevention.  This is why I'm raising as much money as possible for the American Kidney Fund Virtual Walk.  We as a nation must stop kidney disease!  I ask that you please donate as your heart desires as any amount will be a blessing. Even if you don't donate, please share this story as it might be a blessing to someone else.  Thank you for your support in advance!