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February 2013

Message from the President and CEO

Dear Friend,

Valentine’s Day is over, but the entire month of February is really all about the heart. That’s because it’s Heart Month, a time when the American Kidney Fund helps focus attention on the links between high blood pressure and kidney disease.
This month we have Paired Up with one of our partner organizations, the Association of Black Cardiologists, to help spread a life-saving message: Even people at higher risk for kidney disease, like African Americans, could often prevent it by controlling its causes. With high blood pressure as the second-leading cause of kidney disease, that’s a message with the power to change lives.

When is the last time you had your blood pressure checked? If it’s been a while, please consider getting a blood pressure screening at one of our free kidney health screenings or Kidney Action Days this year, or even at your local pharmacy. Your heart will thank you. 

To your health,

LaVarne A. Burton

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President and CEO

Spotlight on Health: African Americans, High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

Spotlight on Health: African Americans, High Blood PressureAfrican Americans are at increased risk for both hypertension and kidney disease. They tend to develop hypertension at younger ages and are more likely to develop hypertension-related complications, including kidney failure. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 kidney failure patients living in the United States is African American—that’s over 150,000 people. 

AKF Receives Charity Navigator’s Highest Rating

AKF Again Receives Charity Navigator's Highest RatingLast fall, Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier charity evaluator, awarded the American Kidney Fund its “highest, 4-star” evaluation for sound fiscal management. This is the eleventh consecutive time the American Kidney Fund has received the 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and it places AKF in the top 1% of charities nationwide.


New For Kids: Guide to Living With Chronic Kidney Disease

Superhero Guide to Battling Chronic Kidney DiseaseFight Back! A Superhero Guide to Battling Chronic Kidney Disease is a new publication from the American Kidney Fund that helps kids live well with kidney disease. Full of great information and interactive activities, it can be downloaded for free from our website. 

Give a Gift in Honor of Someone You Love

Give a Gift in Honor of Someone You LoveTell someone you love them in February by making a gift to the American Kidney Fund in their honor--to celebrate a birthday, mark an anniversary, or simply to let him or her know you are happy that they are a part of your life. Your gift will help us fulfill our mission: providing financial assistance to dialysis patients in need, health education and kidney disease prevention. 

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