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Kidney-friendly diet

What is a kidney-friendly diet?

When your kidneys are not working as well as they should, waste and fluid build up in your body. Over time, the waste and extra fluid can cause heart, bone and other health problems. A kidney-friendly meal plan limits how much of certain minerals and fluid you eat and drink. This can help keep the waste and fluid from building up and causing problems.

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Beat the heat!

Manage fluid intake

If you’re on dialysis, check out these tips on beating the summer heat without overdoing your fluids....

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Slowing down CKD

Slowing down CKD

Nine years at stage 3 kidney disease and holding, Gail Rae-Gardwood shares her experiences slowing down CKD...

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Cookout for Kidneys

Looking for an easy way to support AKF’s mission? Turn your next BBQ into a Cookout for Kidneys and help us fund the fight...

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Organ transplant among minorities

Register to learn about differences between communities in the area of transplant and the steps we need to take to eliminate these health disparities...

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Courses for professionals

Online courses with free CEs for professionals

Check out our online courses for health care professionals caring for patients with, or at risk for, kidney disease...

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